Respite care facilities are used by the elderly, disabled and others who need to have a break and to also give their carers a break from their duties. If you are looking into respite care facilities in your area, what should you be on the lookout for? Sunrise Home Care has the answers
Client/ Staff Ratio

What is the client/ staff ratio at the respite care facility? Some respite care facilities offer comfortable, clean, well-maintained accommodation for clients, but they have a poor client/ staff ration. If your relative needs constant 24-hour supervision, but there are not enough members of staff on duty to care for the needs of your relative, you will need to keep looking until you find what you are looking for. Some respite care facilities are simply not equipped to provide one-to-one care for each and every client who walks through their doors.

Extra-curricular Activities

Look into the extra-curricular activities that are provided or offered off-site by the respite care facilities. Does respite offer the kinds of extra-curricular activities that your relative enjoys? If they are passionate about swimming, ten-pin bowling or music, does the respite care facility offer these activities or have links in the local community for those who would like to take part?

Standard of Care

It is important to be completely satisfied with the standard of care on offer when you are researching respite care facilities. Do not just rely on brochures and phone calls for answers to your questions. Make an appointment to actually visit respite care facilities to see for yourself if this is the type of facility you would feel comfortable allowing your relative to use. How do members of staff interact with clients? Are they equipped with fully trained staff to deal with challenging behaviours and medical issues such as epilepsy and diabetes?

A respite care facility must meet the needs of your relative, which means more than a comfortable, clean facility where your relative can receive basic respite care. Look into the client/ staff ratio to see if you would be happy for your relative to be cared for at this facility. Also, look into extra-curricular activities that are on offer to see if your relative would fit in well. Finally, book an appointment to visit facilities to see what the standard of care is like.